Getting Things Done

A time management syllabus and resource inspired by Dave Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done”.


This page is a time management syllabus based on Dave Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done”. If you haven’t heard of GTD, it’s a system that helps you complete the tasks important to you while freeing your mind from thinking about them all the time.

The “Learning GTD” section includes the book “Getting Things Done” and a few other system inspired by GTD. These other systems show what GTD can look like in practice.

The “GTD Tools” section lists tools significant to my own implementation of GTD. After you’re familiar with GTD, you will recognise the unique role that each of these tools fulfils.

I’ve included a special section on money management because it dominates many people’s thoughts, and it’s often challenging to “get done”.

Money Tips

  1. Pay your future self first.
  2. Don’t carry avoidable debt, especially credit card debt.
  3. Automate all bill payments.
  4. Use YNAB budget software. It’s more about the methodology than the tracking, and the methodology will free you from some worry.
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